"We are proud to support Isiah Hester for Chattanooga City Council! Isiah will fight for a new vision of public safety that holds police accountable and invests in our communities."

"We like the social and environmental advocacy that Hester brings, specifically his support of more living wage jobs, improving early childhood education and a drive to ensure both more green spaces and a closer focus on clean, reliable drinking water in his district and Chattanooga."

""We both understand the importance of tested, proven leadership and it is an honor to receive his endorsement at this critical point in our campaign. District 5 must have a city councilman that is ready to work on day one to build back a better District 5 creating stronger families, stronger communities." -Isiah Hester

Hamilton County Commissioner Dr. Warren Mackey

"Isiah is not just my Fraternity Brother but a great friend and advocate for Chattanooga District 5. He has my complete trust to deliver on every promise made to the citizens of Chattanooga District 5."

Former Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Beck

"Isiah has been a fierce advocate for Chattanooga District 5, and will continue to fight for you on Chattanooga City Council to ensure we Build Back Better District 5."

Nashville Metro Councilwoman Jacobia Dowell

"I know how dedicated Isiah is not just to Washington Hills Community, but all of Chattanooga District 5. Let's send Isiah to the Chattanooga City Council on March 2nd!"

HCDP Committeewoman Vickie Guice

"I've worked with Isiah Hester in various ways within the Democratic Party. I know how committed he is to closing the wealth gap in District 5."

"I am supporting Isiah Hester for our next council member from District 5. He is someone who has been consistently at meetings. I think he provides good comments. Both [candidates] have run before, but I think his heart really lies in service, and that's what he's interested in doing. I would encourage anybody who does live out in Highway 58 to vote for Isiah Hester."  

"He's definitely going to fight for you. I think Isiah Hester will definitely stand in the gap for the District 5 area. I think he is the best candidate for District 5."

Jackie Thomas

"District 5 this is a clear choice: Isiah Hester, he is dedicated to all of District 5 and is ready to work on Day One! Let's build back better with Isiah Hester."

Mike Greer

"I know Isiah to be an upstanding father and husband, as we spent years together at softball fields watching our daughters play. I've worked with him on voter analysis for his district, as he worked to get the vote out for District 5 in past elections therefore I wholeheartedly endorse Isiah 'Ike' Hester."

Jacqueline Dowell

"Tested, proven, leadership is what we have in Isiah Hester, and that is why I support him wholeheartedly."

Valencia Martin

"I trust Isiah to represent us with dignity and respect. I've known Isiah for years his love for community is real. He has a servants heart and is ready to do the work."

Pastors for Good Government

"We encourage you to pray and to vote in this city election. And we ask you to please share this list with your family and friends. Our nation is living in desperate times, and we need courageous governmental leaders."