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Early Childhood Education

As a city, we must prioritize our children by doing what we can to improve their early learning experience. As councilman, I will work with others to expand access to the city's early childhood development programs for families of up to 4 making $75,000 or less. We also must ensure subsidized costs of childcare for working class families.

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Public Safety

We all deserve to feel safe and secure in our neighborhoods. We can start to fix some of District 5's problems with public safety by working together to enhance accountability in police training and management. As councilman, I will push to implement the #8CantWait policies and promote community-style policing.

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All across District 5 there are longstanding problems with infrastructure and inconsistent public transportation. As your city council representative, I will advocate for more sustainable and equitable infrastructure. We must also ensure that public transit is available and affordable to all members of our community. I want to also advocate for city workers to make $15 per hour plus benefits, as they are the workers that keep our city going. 




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My name is Isiah Hester, and I'm running to represent District 5 on Chattanooga's City Council. I'm a fourth generation pastor and 26-year resident of Washington Hills, where I served as vice-president of our neighborhood association for four years. Having raised a family and grown a small business in this district, I've experienced some of the issues in our community firsthand. Our neighbors need to feel safe here at all times. Our families need support through accessible and affordable childcare. Our communities have had several problems with infrastructure and transportation over the years that finally need to be resolved. I believe that by working together, we can build stronger families and stronger communities for everyone in District 5. 

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My name is Patrice Hester, and I'm the wife of Isiah Hester, candidate for city council District 5. I was born and raised here in Chattanooga. I'm the proud mother of two and a graduate of Brainerd High School. I'm an essential healthcare worker, and I believe it's time for change in our district. We need a leader that is willing to fight for the overall needs of our community. As active members of our Washington Hills community, we have seen the issues that are near and dear to our neighborhood and others in District 5. 



I would like to:



(423) 987-6717


PO Box 16039

Chattanooga, TN 37416

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